The KSAT features 15+ works by contemporary artists from multiple disciplines including sculpture, poetry, horticulture, and neon light. Featured along the trail, their work speaks to the natural setting of the Bushkill Creek’s environment yet independently represents the creative spirit of the City of Easton, its history, and the surrounding community.


David Kimball Anderson
Stephen Antonakas
Willie Cole
Paul Deery
Devin Feely
Stacy Levy
Loren Madsen
Patricia Meyerowitz
Beth Seetch
Karl Stirner
Patrick Strzelec
Sam Van Aken

We encourage you to access information on the artists, their work, and their processes by clicking on the names above. Each individual work stands on its own as a remarkable piece of art while contributing to the overall nature and conversation the Trail aims to encourage.


For a printable guide to KSAT artists, please click here to view the information as a PDF. (November 2017)