The art along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail is site specific and includes 15+ pieces by contemporary artists along with the Young Masters Wall and the Trailhead’s signature red arch by Karl Stirner. Explore our website to find information on Karl Stirner, the YMW, and the art and artists of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail.


We are pleased to announce the installation of “WEIDER GROSS” by artist Frederick Wright Jones in the Garde House on the Lafayette College Campus:

“I believe in the American melting pot, but not as a place of Benetton like harmony but as the vital reworking of social antagonisms, the cooking process of historical deconstruction.”

Frederick Wright Jones is an African American artist and educator who recently relocated to the United States from Germany. He teaches courses in sculpture and drawing at Muhlenberg College in Allentown. Much of his multimedia practice seeks to find the liminal space formed from racism and national boundaries, and explore the grey areas of citizenship. He is pushed by a responsibility to initiate conversation and critique about nation, history and culture. His work displays an ethical stance hovering between dutiful responsibility and post-punk cynicism.



Top Image by Jerry Twomey. All Rights Reserved.

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