Nurture Nature Center hosting 3 part Walk and Talk Series along the trail

We are pleased to have Nurture Nature Center host this series of 3 Walk and Talks along the trail from April through June.

The nature to be explored on the Trail include its

   Trees-  begin at the 261- year old Sycamore Tree near the Steve Tobin  “Late Bronze Roots” and Karl Stirner “Untitled” arch sculptures,

   Native Birds -perhaps some may even be among the artist-made bird houses near the Nature Trail section of KSAT, 

   Stream, the Bushkill Creek, which inspired Paul Deery’s Waterways sculpture

Come join Nurture Nature Center on these Guided Walks!

walk and talk series schedule along KSAT
April 28, 2018 Arbor Day Tree Walk May 9, 2018 Bird Walk June 23, 2018 Streamside Walk – Wading

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